Born in La Paz-Bolivia, Cesar Jordan has studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and lithography at the Chelsea School of Art in London.
He lives and works in Paris.


He has exhibited individually in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Lima, Livorno, London, Washington, Paris, Utrecht, The Hague, Vienna, Brussels and Copenhagen.


He has also participated inmany fairs andexhibitions such as:
Latin-American Art, Quito-Ecuador,
Present-Day Art of Ibero-American, Madrid-Spain,
Contemporary Bolivian Painting, Modern Art Museum, Paris-France,
Contemporary Bolivian Painting, Barcelona-Spain,
Contemporary Bolivian Painting, Austin Texas-U.S.A.,
Contemporary Latin American Art, Den Haag-Netherlands,
Biennial of Sao Paulo-Brazil,
Biennial of Cuba,
Biennial of Miami,
Biennial of Latino American Art of Paris, Paris-France


He has received several awards including:
Special Mention at the First Latin-American Salon in Quito-Ecuador.
Special Mention at the International Painting Festival in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.
First Prize at the Salon of Pantin-France.
Great National Award P. D. Murillo, in La Paz-Bolivia.


Hiswork is represented in:
Foundation Simon I. Patiño, Cochabamba-Bolivia.
National Museum of Art, La Paz-Bolivia.
Hispano-American Museum, Quito-Ecuador.
Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, Washington-U.S.A.